Over-Priced Pete?

Are you an Over-Priced Pete?

Check him out, along with other career-changing concepts:

"Career Crunch!" is a book stuffed with new ideas. Our lives are getting longer, but our careers are getting shorter, and with over 10,000 centenarians already living in the UK today, we are starting to look for ways to extend our working lives and pay our pensions. Illustrated with graphs, diagrams and cartoons, the text uses comparisons from history and quotations from the latest research to analyse how demographic changes are combining with commercial factors to put managers increasingly at risk from redundancy, just when they feel at the top of their game.

This book exposes the ‘Employee life cycle’, which employers assume but never acknowledge. It introduces the ‘Value Gap’ between our salaries, which rise over time, and our employer's estimate of our worth, which does not.

The epitome of this problem is ‘Over-Priced Pete’, a rather expensive manager who has lost many of his hands-on skills and is unwittingly heading for redundancy. And individual career life cycles in an international business context, as entire industries rise, peak and fall in the ruthless global market-place. 

We'd like to live longer ourselves, but what about our attitudes to other people’s new longer lives? They mean dwindling pensions and a growing burden on the young. But the facts and figures are not always what they seem, and to be honest, ‘money is the root of all...passionate statistical analysis’. 

So, what now?

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